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Live life unridden

The unridden, the untried and yet untouched, is about going somewhere that is new to you, new to all. It keeps you forever busy longing for new adventures.

Unridden is going out when others stay in.

It's chasing new ideas. No matter how stupid they may seem.

It's finding something that's your own. And sharing it with friends.

It's unpredictable, because when you don't know what awaits, the reward is so much better.

It's respecting the powers of nature and the harmful impact people can have on it.

It's going home early on a friday if the swell hits saturday morning.

It's risking failure in order to move forward.

It's living life without a manual.


Our Nordic cold water mentality

We are from the North and we know the cold. Surrounded by endless Nordic coastlines, we live by the winds, the weather and the currents that carries cold water to us.

We grew up in the cold. It molded us. It made us who we are. 

We are cold water made

We respect the oceans, we know their value and protect them with those who share our passion for the cold. We go to the ocean together or alone, to let the cold wash away time, worries and heartbreak - we go to the cold to start over.
We know the natural resistance to cold water. It is the urge to overcome it and the sensational rush afterwards —it releases adrenaline and makes our blood flow and heart beat faster. 
Surfing, swimming or just a splash in the face in the morning, cold water has physical effects on us.

Here in the North it's different. No tropical waters and flip flops, so instead of just hanging loose, we need to: