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We are from the North. We know the cold. We grew up in the cold, it molded us, it's in our blood. 

Surrounded by raw coastlines we live by the winds, the weather and the currents that carries the cold water to us.

We respect the oceans, we know their value and protect them with those who share our passion for the cold. We go to the ocean together or alone, to let the cold wash away time, worries and heartbreak - we go to the cold to start over.

We know the transformational power of the cold, we embrace the pain, we love the freeze. Surfing, ice swimming or just a splash in the face, cold water has a physical effect on us—it releases adrenaline and makes our blood flow and heart beat faster.

Within the human nature also lies a natural resistance to COLD WATER. It’s the urge to overcome it and the sensational rush afterwards.

This is the core of the UNRIDDEN mentality.

For us, the unridden, the yet untouched, the untried, is what gives you the longing for adventure, pushing yourself, going somewhere that is new to you, new to all.



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